Memorable Experiences

On Thursday 24th September we made scrummy Apple juice from the apples we all picked from our orchard. Children learnt :

* Where our food comes from

* How We can change what our food looks like and make it taste different

* To Explore new tastes and textures

* To work together to achieve a goal

* To use tools safely, using our muscles in our arms to crush the apples and squash them.

Thank you so much to so many of our grandparents, parents and carers for all your help to make some yummy juice!


On Wednesday, 15th July our younger children took part in a drumming workshop in the morning, whilst the older children went to see Room on the Broom at the Hall for Cornwall.  Both events were a great success and really enjoyed by all the children.

The children have visited Portreath Beach to investigate interesting objects.  

  • We searched for the smallest pebble on the beach
  • We found a very big crab claw which we brought back to Nursery to look at
  • We spoke to the lifeguards who told the children about beach safety
  • We looked at seaweed
  • We had hot chocolate and a biscuit