A day at Camborne Nursery School

Camborne Nursery school is a unique school for children aged 2-5 years. They thrive in our dynamic and exciting learning environment and orchard garden. Children learn the Early Years Foundation stage Curriculum through hands on investigation and are happy, curious and creative. They make friends and are supported by highly qualified staff and teachers. Children at Camborne Nursery School build strong learning foundations for their life ahead.

Our nursery is at the heart of our community and we welcome support from parents/carers. We understand you know your child best and we want to build on the learning at home by working together. We offer open days, times to talk about your child and opportunities to celebrate their successes together. We record your child's progress through pictures and observations in our "learning journeys" This shows memorable moments at home and in the nursery. If your child is offered a place at Camborne Nursery School we will offer you a home visit to meet your child and for you to meet their keyworker.

The Nursery is open 8am-6pm term time only.

Session times

Drop off 8.45 a.m Pick up 11.45 a.m. 

Drop off 12.30 p.m. Pick up 3.30 p.m.

Children have free flow play throughout the session both indoors and outdoors

Morning Afternoon 
8:00- 8:45Breakfast
8:45Session starts12.30Session starts
8.45-9.30Teacher led group times12.30-1.15Teacher led group times
Meet in Area Base Groups1.15Meet in Area Base Group.
10:45-11:00Snack/cooking activities2.00-
Snack/cooking activities
11:30-11:45Story and singing groups3.15-
Story and singing groups
11:45Children collected by parents or stay to eat lunch 3.30Children collected by parents or stay to after school club.
After school club/snack

The doors are open at the start of each session for you to settle your child and talk to members of staff.  Please feel free to change your child’s library book or storysack and have a look at their “Learning Journals”Drop off Routine.